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Careers for java software engineers in the capital markets

Careers for java software engineers in the capital markets

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LongVIew International is always interested in hearing from talented professionals who are interested in joining us. Please forward your professional resume to us via email or fax at (650) 948-9701


Working here: The unique experience gained by working at LongView International is the ability to learn and expand your knowledge and skillsets far beyond what you've done in previous jobs. Your responsibilities and skills are not as sharply defined, as they would be in a larger firm, instead you'll find yourself doing a bit of everything. The work pace at a startup is very fast, the opportunities for growth are boundless. You'll find yourself actively participating in areas of the company outside of your "department". Here you're more of a team member than a department staff member.

Something else that is lacking at other companies (startups or not) is the direct insight into how users are responding and using the services provided to them by an outside company. Working onsite at client sites allows me to have direct contact with our end users, which means I can develop the right solution for their particular needs and environment. The feeling is very personal and most importantly, we get to see firsthand how our solutions are being implemented and utilized as an integral part of our clients' daily business processes.

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